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Where There’s Smoke …

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something or been in a situation that just didn’t feel right?  You know, something where there might be some telltale evidence of some event, or something happening, and the only thing you could rely on were your instincts and some small, but significant clues.  The key here is the combination of your instincts along with the ability to recognize something very simple – that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  Of course, all this really means is that when you have the clues and evidence pointing to a certain outcome, that outcome is likely to take place.  Furthermore, in order to either evade a problem or take advantage of a situation you’ll need to depend on your ability to recognize the fact that where there is smoke, there probably is fire.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’ 

There was a time, not too long ago, in the housing industry when prospect traffic was not too hard to come by.  Sure, we spent money advertising and we brought in large numbers of people, which would eventually net sales – lots of them.  We didn’t depend a lot on skills nor did we depend on watching for clues or evidence.  In fact, mostly what was happening was a result of the attitude, “If we build it, they will come.”  And low and behold, they did come and they did buy.  However, as with all things, the industry has changed a bit now and, in more recent times, I’ve heard from dozens of sales professionals across the country: “We’re experiencing much less traffic today than ever before.”  Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but that’s the good news.

Less IS More

Do you remember having to decipher between the serious buyers and the time-wasters?  There were so many tire-kickers that just wanted to “stop in and check out the place”, but you knew they’d probably never buy … and quite frankly, you didn’t care because you knew there’d be another prospect right behind them that would eventually purchase.

Here’s the good news:  your days of weeding out the tire-kickers (at least for the time being) are over!  The people that are coming through your doors right now are far more serious buyers than they are just lookers.  This is important because you will want to treat them like they are buyers and not merely lookers.

Lookers to Buyers

Once you recognize that the traffic you are receiving today is looking because they are primed and ready to buy, you can move forward to close the deal before they buy elsewhere by simply paying attention to the clues and the evidence that is pointing to a certain outcome.  Make it easy for them to buy.  Don’t wait to hear the word “Yes” – instead tune into the subtle telltale evidence that will clearly acknowledge that the sale has been made.  Create a relationship with them as soon as they walk in the door and maintain a consistent and continuous follow up program.  You will soon discover what is meant by the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s a fire” and you’ll be one step closer to sales mastery once you realize “where there are lookers, there are buyers.”


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